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Here's what my clients say about my pregnancy & motherhood fitness classes:

Mother & Baby Fitness Classes Brighton, UK

"Exercise has always been important to me for both my physical and mental health and when I found out I was pregnant I really wanted to keep training, both to stay healthy and to prepare my body for what was coming. Whilst there is a lot of information online regarding safe exercise through pregnancy and various training programmes to follow, training personally with Fiona was totally different. She was so knowledgable about what exercises were safe within each trimester, what exercises I should be doing to focus on specific areas of my body and which exercises to avoid as my pregnancy progressed. More importantly for me, she also took into consideration how I was feeling each time we trained, appreciating the fact that energy levels can go up and down as well as motivation and paid really close attention to how my body was feeling including aches and pains so as to avoid injury and keep safe. I had total trust in her training and she was so encouraging and motivating that I was able to enjoy exercise far longer into the pregnancy than I thought I would. I resumed training with Fiona as soon as I was medically cleared to do so following the birth of my son. Again, I couldn't have asked for better support than I got from Fiona; she gradually increased my training plan making sure we were setting realistic and achievable goals and still ensuring that everything we did was specific and personal to me. I cannot recommend Fiona enough as a trainer both for general fitness and for pre/post natal care. It is absolutely clear that she genuinely cares about her clients health and wellbeing and I felt totally supported throughout my pregnancy journey."


"I trained with Fiona once a week throughout my first pregnancy, and I could not recommend her more highly as a prenatal personal trainer. She has a vast amount of knowledge about exercising while pregnant and she put together a different workout for me every week which was suitable for the stage of pregnancy I was at. The workouts involved a broad range of adapted exercises that were safe to do while pregnant. She also showed me different stretches to help to address the various pregnancy related aches and pains that I was suffering from on certain weeks! Training with Fiona gave me the confidence and the motivation to keep on exercising right through to the third trimester of my pregnancy, and I was surprised by how much I was still able to do while pregnant, particularly in relation to the strength and training exercises. Above all, Fiona is such a kind, friendly and caring person that having a training session with her once a week felt like a treat to myself during my pregnancy, rather than something that I felt I ought to be doing in order to work on my fitness. My body always felt more comfortable and I felt better in myself after the sessions.


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