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Baby Fit Services

Flexible training to suit you anytime, anywhere.

Baby Fit with Fi Personal Trainer in Brighton & Hove, UK

Personal Training is for those seeking the long term success of their fitness goals. Through following a personalised and tailored program based on your physical history and current goals, we take the holistic approach to long term success through working on strength, mobility, aerobic capacity and optimum nutrition to build fitness over a period of time in a safe and efficient way. Whether you are pregnant or have given birth, there are specific adaptations, areas where your body will need extra attention and focus. The program aims to empower and build confidence through a holistic, dynamic and flexible approach for each and every new mum.

Joint personal training is a great way to enjoy the benefits of PT whilst sharing the experience with a friend. By sharing the time, you share the cost of the session and get to work to your own strengths and areas of focus, whilst also having your mate in your corner to cheer you on!


Joint packages also include an initial consultation and goal setting, nutritional guidance, and a programme that suits both of your needs with specific adaptations personalised to you. 

Personal Trainer in Brighton & Hove, UK
Mother & Baby Exercising with Personal Trainer in Brighton & Hove

If you are looking for a quick way to fit in some resistance work into your busy schedule then virtual training could be a great option for you! You will still gain the same support as you would from in person training but via video, explaining exactly what you need to do with correct form without leaving your living room!


Prices begin at £35 for solo sessions.

Please enquire for details!

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