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Personal Training

Flexible training to suit you anytime, anywhere.

Personal Trainer in Brighton & Hove, UK

Personal Training

Personal Training is for those seeking support and a tailored approach to long term success of their fitness goals. Based on where you are at right now, your physical history and current goals, we take the holistic approach to optimal health through strength and resistance work, mobility, and aerobic exercise.  
Whether you are pregnant or have already given birth, there are specific adaptations you will need to make to give extra attention to those areas of your body that need it. The programs aim to empower and build confidence through a holistic, dynamic and flexible approach for each and every new mum. 
Baby Fit Personal Training includes an initial free video consultation, supported goal setting, a tailored bespoke training programme, nutritional guidance from a qualified nutritionist, and access to daily support for any questions you may have. 
Fiona delivers home visits across Brighton and Hove, and is the key to what makes it so easy to fit into your busy schedule. All equipment is provided including weights, mat, resistance bands, stability ball and everything you need to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Especially whilst pregnant it is important to make sure you are not overworking your intensity, and that exercises are performed safely with correct form. It is the perfect way to prioritise time for you, without the need for childcare or travel time to go to the gym. 

Personal Training
Pricing & Packages

Single session: 60 minutes £35

4 x sessions per month: £30 per session/ £120 per month 

8 x sessions per month: £27.50 per session/ £220 per month 

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